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  • How does it work
    We will meet with you and you vehicle for restoration and discuss what you would like done. After this you will be provided with a quote, if you are happy with this we can get the vehicle to the workshop and begin your restoration. A restoration deposit is usually required and will be deducted from your final bill.
  • What happens to the parts taken off?
    Utopia will dispose of all old/used parts that are replaced. Unless given explicit instruction to return them.
  • How long can I leave my vehicle at the yard?
    Once work or sale is complete it is expected for the vehicle to be collected as soon as possible. With agreement, we are happy for the vehicle to stay at the yard for up to one month. If time exceeds this and no agreement has been given for the vehicle to stay longer, storage will be charged at £400 a month for cars and £150 a month for motorcycles
  • How does consignment selling work
    With consignment sales, you remain the owner of the car and using Utopia's expertise we value, advertise and sell your car for you in a hassle free manor
  • What are the steps of the sales process
    The steps are Valuation Detailing/Preparation Photography Advertising Viewings Sale
  • How much do you charge?
    Each client and vehicle is different and often have a bespoke package. As a general rule of the value is under £20k it is 10% commission and over £20K is 5% commission.
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