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Ground Coffee


Join us for Coffee and Combustion! Our meet dates will be released soon but if you want to pop down and see Utopia, its currently by appointment only. So just drop us a message and drive by!

We invite you to come to Utopia and enjoy the company of like mined people, great coffee and awesome machines. Please note this is a ticket meet. 

Please bare in mind we are opening up our full time workshop, whilst it will be event ready, we do ask you to be carful and mindful of current projects we are working on. 

We want Utopia to be accessible for everyone, even if it's little things like turning down the music. If there's anything we can do to improve your visit please find Will and let him know. 

booking opening soon
Coffee Drip
Plants and Coffees
Filtered Coffee
Tea Set
Toasting Drinks
Coffee Dripper
Coffee Shop
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